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Purpose in the Pain.

I sit here wondering how in the world to begin. I’ve put off writing this for nearly four weeks. I know right away wasn’t the right time. I know there is a time of grieving. I also know that this is something I’m never going to be completely over. Now, I’m wondering how much to share.
How much is too much? Are people tired of hearing about it, tire of reading about it? Who is going to judge me? Am I revealing too much about myself? Have I been too transparent?
I like to live my life as open as I can. I want to be real. I want to be honest. I want people to see the ugly as well as the beautiful. How can people really see the fullness of God and how he’s worked in my life if I don’t tell them everything?
The truth is my story is not just my own anymore. I have a husband that I love and care for deeply. My story has become our story. It’s not just my life that gets impacted by how much I share. His does as well. The conclusion I came to is that I will share what I can. I will hold back the …