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Self care.
If you have any kind of mood disorder, you’ve heard the phrase before. It’s a key component of living… 
It is how you “deal” with life.
What happens when you decide to throw all of your coping mechanism out the window? What happens when you don’t take the time to do the things you absolutely need to do to be a contributing member of society?
Life and living goes out the window.
The past couple of weeks, I’ve gotten a front row seat to the destruction I cause when I neglect myself.
Here’s what’s going on in my life in case you don’t know. I’m preparing for grad school. I’m moving. I’m getting married.
Just one of these things is stressful enough to send me into a tailspin. Just one of these things should cause me to increase the time I spend practicing self care.
Let me take a minute to note that this is not a “why me” or “feel sorry for me” post.  This is a “learn from me and my mistakes” post.
I have completely neglected doing everything I can to make sure that my mental health stays o…