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The Easter season has always been my favorite.
I don't know if it's because it's close to my birthday or just the time of year that it is, but it's my favorite. When all the other kids would say their favorite holiday was Christmas, I was always the weird girl that said Easter.
Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season as well as the first day of Lent.
Last year, I had a conversation with some family members about what Lent actually was.  I was able to give my opinion which boils down to this: it's a time period that causes us to grow closer to God as we reflect the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made through his death and the gift we now have as the result of his resurrection.
(Here is an explanation that comes from people who are more educated about it than I am.)
I get frustrated when people use it as a diet plan or do use it as a way to be self-serving.
Like most of my posts, I have a confession to make.
I have never done very well at observing Lent.
Every year (at…

Chapter One.