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Silver Linings...

I have had a couple of incidents over the past week that have caused me to reflect on some things. 

I know I say that a lot, but I really like to take time to examine things when I get several reminders in  a row.
It started with a shoulder injury.
Really, this shouldn't be that big of a deal. 
You go to the ER, get some x-rays, get your pain meds, and follow the doctors orders. 
There was a hitch for me.
Pain meds.
With my history, I never get them filled when I get injured. I think I did once and it was only the extra-strong ibuprofen to take the edge off. This time around I decided to do something different. I had to be able to work, and the pain was so bad that I needed something more than just a Motrin to make it through work and class.
I will say that I was closely monitored. I kept a strict schedule and told someone how much and when I was taking them every time.
I never once abused or was even tempted to abuse them. 
I did realize I was becoming dependent on them to sleep so I stopp…

Let go.

Have you seen The Lego Movie?

If you haven't, you probably have been living under a rock or you don't have children.

Either way, you are missing out.

I love this movie. I made the excuse of taking my seven-year-old cousin to see it, but really, I think I wanted to see it more than him.

Everything Is Awesome became our theme song.

It's so catchy. I wanted to hate it, but I just couldn't.

The lyrics are so uplifting as well:

Everything is awesome Everything is cool when you're part of a team Everything is awesome when we're living our dream
Have you heard the news, everyone's talking Life is good 'cause everything's awesome Lost my job, it's a new opportunity More free time for my awesome community
They show that your outlook on life greatly determines your situation. You can have something happen, like a job loss, and it can be seen as negative or positive. You can see it as a new opportunity or as a hinderance.
If you haven't seen The Lego Movie, then you …

Free Pattern Friday (On Saturday): Rope Rug

For a few months now, I've been jealous of my best friend Laura B's rope rug. She made it for her little guy Ayden's room, and I have wanted one ever since.

Because she is such a good bestie, she met me at the FM Store this morning to accompany me in purchasing rope for my very own rug. (Last time I went, I got overwhelmed by the amount of things stuffed into this tiny store and nearly had a panic attack.)

She turned me on to this pattern.

It is for placemats, but with the right materials and a few hours, you can turn it into a rug of your very own.

I used an S (19.00mm) hook I ordered from Amazon and 150 yards of rope cord that is 12/32" in diameter.

I worked the pattern through round 6.

For round 7: * CH 1, SC in next DC, CH 1, SC in CH-1 space from previous round *, repeat around. SS in first SC.

It took me a little over 3 hours with some intermittent periods of switching loads and folding laundry.

My rug measures 28" in diameter which is perfect for the space I neede…

Free Pattern Friday: Anchor Applique

I love anchors as much as the next person, but (like most things I write patterns for) I have a hard time finding a pattern for one that I like. I would rather have appliques worked all in one piece than have to sew parts together and then sew them on a project.
I meant to post this pattern on Friday, but time got away from me.

Anchor Applique
Materials Needed: H (5.oomm) hook Yarn Needle Project in need of Anchor Applique
Yarn Needed: Worsted Weight Yarn in any color
Abbreviations: CH – chain SC – single crochet HDC – half double crochet HDC2TOG – half double crochet two together DC – double crochet SS – slip stitch ST - stitch
Note: HDC2TOG = YO, insert hook in next ST, Pull up a loop, YO, insert hook in next ST, Pull up a loop, YO, Pull through all loops on hook.


Top Step 1: CH 3, work 9 HDC in 3rd CH from hook (2 skipped CH do not count as first HDC). Do not SS to join! Step 2: CH 12, DC in 3rd CH from hook and in each CH, SS in first HDC of anchor top, turn.

Cross bar Step 3: SS in first DC, CH…