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When I was little, I had the reputation of being a hypochondriac. Basically, if anyone had anything, I would soon decide that I had it too. When I was three or four, one of my uncles had a heart attack. I apparently walked around for weeks afterward telling everyone I was having one. 


I haven't been accused of being one in a long time. I'm also not as attention seeking as I was when I was a small child. That being said, I have recently diagnosed myself with something.


For the sake of this blog and wanting to keep it as clean as possible, I'm going to call it Angry Resting Face. If you want to know the term pop culture has given it, it shouldn't be hard to deduce from the acronym. However, Google is a useful tool as well.

A very old Instagram picture
This picture could serve as an example. When I'm not smiling, apparently I look angry, annoyed, frustrated, etc. Honestly, I can't really help it. I am a happy person. I enjoy my life. I am content. My face just does not always reflect it.

Having this "issue" there are things that I hear quite often that actually do turn my non-upset mood into a frustrated one. 

Here are five things that I (and probably others who suffer from this) am tired of hearing.

1. I'm sure you have plenty of things to smile about.
You're right I do. I have a roof over my head. I have food in my cabinets. I have clothes on my back. I am earning an education while a lot of women my age are scared to even dream about it. I have a wonderful, crazy family I love.

2. Are you sure you are not mad at me?
If I am mad at you, you will know. The look on my face will not just "look" angry. I have been told on many occasions that if looks could kill, then I would leave people in my wake when I am actually agitated.

3. I thought you were really stuck up when I first met you.
Ok… I have probably heard this one more than the others. Not only do I suffer from BRF, but I also am socially awkward and introverted. If I don't talk to you at first, it's because I'm shy not because I think I'm better than you.

4. Are you ok? You look upset.
I don't know if people ask this just because they are nosey, or if  they truly are concerned with my well-being. I'm sure there are people who fall on both sides. If I am truly upset, I will find someone to talk to about it. It may not be you, but I will find someone.

5. You look so much nicer when you smile.
Do I look terrible when I'm not? 

Ultimately, it's just my face. I can't always help the look that comes across it. When I am contemplative/relaxed/genuinely interested, I look irritated. I really can't help it if it's just my face.

I smile when I want to smile. We can't all be Buddy the Elf.



  1. And I have the opposite issue, I smile too much!I feel just like that reference to Buddy the elf.


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