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Wordless Wednesdays: My Uncle Got Married!

Modest is Hottest (Literally).

It seems summer has finally hit the Ozarks. I am definitely not complaining. I know it could be a lot worse than it is. I would definitely take this over the torrential rain we experienced over the last few weeks.
The humidity is increasing and so is the temperature. As the temperature increases so does the temptation to dress immodestly. I just want one day to wear shorts and a tank top.
I've found myself trying to justify the decision.

Maybe I'm making this last longer than I should. 
In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if I wear shorts on one day? 
Surely a tank top isn't really that big of deal.
Honestly, it is a big deal.

Free Pattern Friday: Ferdinand the Elephant Hat (Newborn)

Hello all! I have been so busy lately, I feel like I'm meeting myself coming and going. It's been weeks since I've been able to post a pattern. I am super excited to share this one. Feel free to sell, give as gifts, or donate to charity items made from this pattern. Please do not sell this pattern as your own. Feel free to share, but please link back to this blog. Pattern is written in US terms.