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Free Pattern Friday: My Favorite Chevron Blanket Pattern

This week has been rough with finishing up my final class for the semester and starting the packing process. I haven't had time to sit down and write a pattern. I decided to feature one of my favorite free ones instead.

I am absolutely obsessed with the chevron trend. I love anything and everything that features the print. I also love making baby blankets. I had a hard time finding a pattern or figuring out how to fill in the triangles to have a straight-edge. Then, I came across this pattern on Eat, Knit, & DIY.

It is really easy to make and so easy to customize.

Here we go!

Chevron Baby Blanket With A Straight Edge

Finished size: 28 x 36

4 skeins worsted weight yarn, 2 of each color
size H hook

SC- single crochet
CH- chain
SK- skip
Gauge: 25 stitches=1 peak=4
To make gauge: make a 51 stitch chain(this will make a  two peak gauge.  To make a single peak gauge, chain 26 stitches, do not skip the 2 stitches in the pattern, SK 1 stitch, SC 1 stitch.).
Row 1:  SK 1st stitch from hook, then * 1 SC in then next 11 chain stitches, 3 SC in the next chain stitch, 1 SC in the next 11 chain stitch,  SK 2 stitches.  Repeat from * to last SC of 11 stitches, SK 1 stitch, SC 1 stitch.
Row 2:  Ch 1, then repeat as above from *.

Chain 151 stitches.
SK 1 chain from hook, *SC in next 11 stitches, 3 SC in the next stitch, 1 SC in next 11 stitches, SK 2 stitches.  Repeat from* until the last SK 2 stitches.  Instead, SK 1, I SC, CH 1 and turn.
Repeat for 10 rows, or until color reaches desired height.  I made my color blocks 2″ tall, 10 rows each.  Switch to 2nd color and repeat.  Do this until your blanket measures approximately 36″ long.  I had 11 rows total, 6 of the green color, and 5 of the white.
Tie off your yarn, and weave in your ends.  Your blanket will now have sharp points lining the top and bottom edge.

To fill in the triangles:
Starting on the right edge, SC in each stitch to the inside corner.
Slip stitch to join left edge.
SC along row you just made to 2nd to last stitch, SK 1, SC 1, then CH 1 and turn.
SK 1 stitch, then SC into 2nd stitch and continue to end or row.
Slip stitch into the left side of row.
Continue until the triangle space is filled.
To do the 4 half triangles on the ends:
Work 1st row SC to 2nd to last stitch, SK 1, SC last stitch, CH 1 and turn.
SK 1 stitch, SC to 2nd to last stitch, SK 1, SC 1, CH 1 and turn.
Continue until 1 stitch remains. Tie off.
This method of filling in the triangles will give you a slightly bowed effect.  To counter it, I stitched tight.  A smaller hook would probably do it, too.

To finish the blanket: 

Start in 1st stitch on one side and SC in each stitch along the side.  When you get to the corner stitch, SC 3 times into the stitch.  Then SC along the next side of blanket.  Continue until you have gone around entire edge of blanket. CH 1, then repeat so you have 2 rows of single crochet edging your blanket.

This is not my pattern. I did not write this pattern. I am featuring it because it is one of my favorites and one I use often. If you have any questions concerning the pattern, please connect with the original creator on this thread.

Here are some of the many I've created.

I am actually working on another one right now! Here is the current View From My Hook: 

Hope you all enjoy! Happy Hooking!


  1. Jess, I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong when I'm crocheting here? ...I'm just doing a little swatch to test out my stitching and I don't end up with closely ribbed work like you have. My work comes out ribbed, but with flat rows between each ribbed row. I'm picking up the back side of the previous rows stitch, so what am I doing wrong? should I pick up the front instead or both the front and back or should I be doing a row of slip stitches in between each row or what? I'm just new at crocheting so I'm not too familiar with this, but I did look up how to do proper stitches on youtube, and am following what most of the videos say to do.

    1. When you pick up a new stich, you should be inserting your hook through both loops. The ribbed look comes from turning between each row. You also may just crochet with a looser tension. I don't know what videos on youtube you are using, but I would use The Crochet Crowd. They do a fantastic job of explaining everything from the basics to more complicated stitches. I hope that helps!

    2. Thank you! ...that definitely does look better if I pick up both loops - it doesn't leave the space between the ribs! So many videos show to pick up just the back loop which still makes ribbing, but also leaves another smaller row in between, but you don't suggest using slip stitches between each row do you? ....this is just another way I've seen ribbing done on youtube. Thanks again for your help!!

    3. I do not do slip stitches between the rows.


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